Moonstone in Gold and Silver

Moonstones in gold and silver with a bit of fantasy for this Pendant.

The pendants fractured appearance offsets the symmetry of the rainbow moonstone centerpiece beautifully.  The high domed, cabachon cut, rainbow moonstone is set in gold and Sterling Silver.  The setting flawlessly accents the brilliant blue flash natural to the stone.

The moonstone is set in a 14K Gold bezel with Sterling Silver and 18K Gold accents.  SOLD

Stone Size: (18mm L x 8mm W)

Blue Labradorite in Brass

A blue labradorite stone set in golden brass with a sterling silver bezel completes this beautifully, glowing necklace pendant. SOLD

Custom 18K Gold and Spectrolite Pendant

Stunning Spectrolite set in 18 karat gold for a handcrafted necklace pendant custom made for a friend. She chose the stone and wanted it in gold with a simple but beautiful design. SOLD

Sea inspired Peruvian Opal Pendant

The Caribbean blue of this Peruvian Opal reminded me of tumbling ocean surf.  I wanted a necklace design that reflected that idea and worked with the stone's natural flow and mix of colors. SOLD

Open Design Blue Moonstone Ring

A high dome, blue moonstone ring handcrafted in sterling silver with 14K gold accents makes a bold, feminine statement. SOLD  

Aquamarine in Silver and Bronze

This large, high domed, aquamarine cabachon cut stone demanded a grand, statement-making setting.  A bold, sterling band with bronze accents offsets the smooth translucence of this gorgeous gem . SOLD

Silver and Brass Sculpture Pendant

This silver and golden brass sculptural pendant was inspired by a sculpture in a small Lithuanian town.

The angular design and brushed brass points stand out on any background and in any setting.  SOLD

Peridot and Copper Silver Link Bracelet

Copper alternating with 6mm green peridots set on sterling silver complement each other beautifully in this handcrafted, silver link, organic bracelet. SOLD

18K Gold Rainbow Moonstone Ring

Handcrafted from 18K gold, this glowing gold ring holds a 5 karat rainbow moonstone that simply glows.  In sunlight or bright light, the stone shines a bright white color.  Indoor light and lower light conditions brings out a brilliant blue luminescence.

The 5 karat moonstone is framed by a thick, hammered 18K gold bezel and the gold band also features a lightly hammered texture. The gold band is 2mm wide and the moonstone itself is 17mm (L) x 4mm (W) x 6mm (H).

(U.S. size 6, metric 51.5)